okkk so today i was just messin around and came up with something i think is kinda cool. I recorded it just so id remember it cuz i know ill forget it if i dont.

Its in Cmajor/Aminor and im tryin to figure out what chords would go good behind it, whether normal chords or fifth chords, it doesnt matter.

Heres the video of it. I am really sloppy, i just came up with it the minute before i recorded it, so im focused on my hands haha. and i've only been playin around a year. and im tired haha. I would rerecorde it so i dont look like an idiot... but its too late to play here. but just look at it and see if you can come up with any good chords/ rhythms for chords to go behind it. just listen dont watch haha. i just noticed how fat i look cuz i was slunched over

heres the vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6j9X6hqX1g
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Figure it out! Play some chords in C/Am over that video and find the ones that fit. You can "envision" the progression you want in your head, right? Well, I can't read your mind, so you have to do it yourself
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Try C, D, A, and E Major

how does that work? those aren't all in the key of C major or A minor.

I dont know much about what chords in what key, but in c major, as my knowledge says, the only major chords are C, F, and G
Honestly, it sounds like a riff to me that needs bass and drums, not really chords behind it.
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this man hits the nail on the head.