i listebnd to new york. the beginning reminded me of heroin by the velvet underground. the singing is good. i love thre higher pitched voice. it suits the song well. reminds me of horses and whatnot. very peacefull and laid back. funky lyrics. good song man. great guitar playing and chord choices. recording was great. keep it up man. only complaint was it semmed a little bit long, but thats just me.

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It makes me think of someone sitting in New York at a coffee shop just as the song rises, slowly watching the city come to life, commuters going to work, tourists going shopping...etc.

I really like it, its music to put me to sleep, in a good way obviously. I think the vocals are a little quiet at some points, but aside from that they're really good! when the drums come in I think you chose a really good rythm!

If you want to you can crit me too, but its a completely different style of music, more rock/metal music. Theres a thread on here.