I just got a brand new Peavey 6505 combo. I bought it used. it has under 50 hours of playing time. stock tubes. footswitch. users manual. proof of purchase receipt. this guy was organized. the tolex has that brand spankin new look. ALL FOR $450. I am STOKED . I have seen amps at my local guitar center that are new and in worse condition.
steal of a price, nice buy.
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Pics or its a Digitech Grunge.

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Damn, this forum needs that one.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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Damn, this forum needs that one.

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no pixcs?
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Happy NAD!

We need pics though.
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Pics or its a Spider 3.
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DAmn .. might just be because of the end of the workshift, but I don't see any pics on your profile .. eh who knows.

Nice score .. I got my 5150 head for $450


Now crank that beotch!!!
Amen he kept it in the back of a closet and didn't ever lift it because it hurt his back. he dusted it weekly. best deal ever. idk if its an 08 or 09, but its less than a year old. it should have plenty of life until i go off to college.
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WOW when I heard the price you got it for i thought it would be beat up but its really clean!
haha you made a great deal!
congrats again......

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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