they're delays, just trying to decide which delay is probably most useable and best quality wise, which will give very good quality sound while being reliable

Boss Giga Delay DD-20

TC Electronics Nova delay

TC Electronics Nova repeater

also, side note, any suggestions for a fairly good and cheap reverb would be helpful, doesn't need to do that much, just minimum 1 second, to like max of around 8-10 seconds,

thanks for the help!

EDIT: i've heard this but i'm not sure it's true, if i run like an analog chorus into a digital delay, like what i have listed, or vice versa, just wondering, cuz that would suck if i got an analog pedal later on...
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Nova Delay and Digitech Digiverb.


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Boss RE-20. It's based on the legendary RE-201, and combines delay with reverb. It's pretty beastly.
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there are no good cheap reverbs. tech 21's your best bet.
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