Hey. I'm thinking about selling my ibanez SAS36FM for another guitar. If you're not familiar with the guitar click here Go to products, electric guitars, SA series, then you should be able to find mine easily. I have a grey one, which I like the looks of but I was thinking of getting something new, I don't mind down grading to be honest. I am interested in music like:
Modern Life Is War
Have Heart
Break Even
The Carrier
More Than Life
That style of music is the main priority.. I was thinking of getting a Epiphone SG. I can't afford a Gibson SG but I notice a few of these guys use them. So what do you all think? How would an epi SG be in comparassion to what I have now (price wise)? Oh I'd be buying used, more than likely. Thanks heaps
If I were you, I'd make the amp a priority before a guitar. The Ibanez you have is pretty good, so you'd be better off buying an amp rather than a guitar.

edit- also, a good amp will have more impact on your sound than a good guitar.

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Yeah, I was thinking it would be kinda good if I can sell my ibanez for more than what an epi SG would cost.. Then I'd have more money, because I'm broke as hell and trying to save for a new amp and also photography stuff which is fairly expensive to.

So having said that, would it be wise to buy an epi SG (or something else) and sell off my ibanez? I don't mind having a cheaper guitar either, then I'd have more cash and be able to buy my photography stuff faster, then get onto an amp faster.
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I still think an amp should be your priority But the Epi SG would be an upgrade for your style of music. If you can stretch your money a SG Faded from Gibson would be loads better.

edit- then again, photography stuff is cool.

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My rig is simple
Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
You're not truly playing guitar unless you know theory.
Don't sell your guitar...at least not yet. Get a decent amp and then worry about getting another guitar.
Alright, though what kinda amp? Something not ridiculously expensive.. I probably can't afford something like peavey 5150/6505 stuff. Also pedals, if you don't mind answering a couple questions about them it would be really appreciated. What pedals would you recomend? Distortion, noise supressor, uhm what ever. I heard a tube screamer pedal is real good.
I will shortly be selling my Ibanez SAS36FM aswell, i have the red one.

I also have an Epiphone Les Paul, and personally, i much prefer the Epiphone.

It comes down to this, you have to choose which option you would prefer.

Getting a new amp = Better sound quality.
A new guitar = You'll enjoy playing more, and have money for photography stuff.

I would go the guitar and photography stuff myself, as it obvious you like photography, and want a guitar more suited to your styles of music. And as you said you dont NEED anything good yet, remember, you can always save later for the amp.
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Yeah, that's true. How much do epi SGs normally go for? And how much do the ibanez SAS36FM's normally go for? If possible, in australian dollars but american is fine. I can still get some sort of perspective from that.
rrp on sas36fm in AUS is $1200, they sell for about $900 - $1000 new in stores. I got mine for $600, so any price between $500- $1000, depending on the condition, how old it is etc.
Well the serial is W272533 and I can't work out how to read it sorry. From memory it was built in February '07. But that was ages ago when I worked it out so I can't really remember it that well. Here's some pics of it, it's in decent condition. These are pictures from the guy I baught it off a while back. But it still looks the same.

Oh and the guy I got it off said he got it new 12months ago, and I bought it less than 6 months ago.
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