It happened at work, between 12 and 12:30, during my lunch break.

I sat down at 12 on a park bench to innocently eat my turkey sandwich and drink my Pepsi while enjoying the nice weather and historic scenery of the uptown area.

At about 12:15 after I had finished my sandwich I saw two guys drive up near me in a ratty old Lincoln Town Car. They looked exactly how I picture people from The Pit would look.

They stopped in front of me and shouted, "Hey man, come here!"

I reluctantly walked over. They just stared at me. I was right at the window of their car. They stared. I stared. We all stared.

Suddenly, the guy riding shotgun clicked the play button on his iPod. Out of the speakers of the car flowed the all too familiar MIDI drum fill, followed by the synthesizer. When I heard the lyrics, "We're no strangers to looove," I knew I had been 'rolled.

I shouted, "God Damnit!!!"

They laughed. As they began to pull away, dying from hysterical laughter, I realized I had to retaliate. I ran towards their car and shouted the only thing that could piss someone off more than being rickrolled...

...."THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"**** YOU!!! **** YOU MOTHER****ER!!!!**** YOU!!!" they yelled sporatically from the car as they drove away in anger.

I have a feeling I'll see these guys again and I have a feeling they'll do much worse the next time. What should I do, Pit? Has this ever happened to you?

TL;DR: I got drive-by rickrolled, made them lose the game, they were pissed and will probably return, what should I do?
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seriously? this was done yesterday in the EXACT words.

big time *reported*
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