I started to get into vinyl collecting about 3 or 4 years ago. Although its not a big collection yet, i still find the time every once in a while to go look for vinyls are local book stores. Today i went for the first time in a long time and ended up with "Pyromania"(Def Leppard),"Love at First Sting"(Scorpions), and "Document"(R.E.M.). My collection as of right now is those three album's plus "World Wide Live"(Scorpions),"Appetite for Destruction"(GnR) and "Never a Dull Moment"(Rod Stewart), plus a bunch of my parents albums which consist of everything from "Three Dog Night" to "Miles Davis".

Anyways that is just a brief background of where i am coming from in the gues you would say art of vinyl collecting lol. But i was wondering if some people could give their insight and advice on collecting vinyls and list some of the more "Rare" albums to try and look for.

Wow ok im an idiot, i just saw that there is a vinyl thread like three spaces down from mine, disregard this dumb thread if you want.