This is a little personal project im doing. I kinda got musicians block here cus this is where it gets really complex, at this point im thinking its all gonna be mainly guitar from here on out, since i originally wrote it as a guitar epic instrumental a,d it would only span genres from the 30's and later. But now i dont know which direction to go in, what should i do now, add more tracks? add only guitar or stick with the proper instrumentation? Any help is great
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i think you should keep on going with this project as it is but to sort of morph it into how far guitar has come. If originally this is an instrumental dedicated to guitar, each one of these "chapters" should prove to be good influences of classical and modern guitar playing.

one thing i'd like to see is that each segment or chapter flow into the next, the last chord for bach with the added e, i added a little chromatic run to G where it sort of flowed into the next piece with mozart with the G in that chord.

keep very early sources brief but flowing.
definitely add history of blues and jazz [sort of the starting point of electric guitar]
and then maybe a lil bit of neoclassical shred [though it'd probably make more sense for the piece to have constant classical references if that were to be the end]

musical history is huuuuugee, so try to keep a goal to where this project is going and list some very important influences to how this goal came to be!

i hope my advice has helped >_<

also, if you're tired in writing in tabs or in a corral style. i suggest you use a nice notation program. I believe the new 2009 version of finale notepad is available for just 10 dollars. look into it!
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