So Pit, What movies are you looking forward to seeing in 2009? Just curious.

For me it's Transformers 2(already saw it) and Halloween 2


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the new sherlock holmes.
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Eh, I'd have to say Inglorious Bastards, It Might Get Loud or w/e its called, and Sherlock Holmes
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how can you look forward to a movie you already saw?
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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You have balls. I like balls....(awkward silence)

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2012. It looks so overdone it might just be ****ing awesome.

EDIT: And there is a slight chance Bruno might be good.
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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Backdoor Sluts 10

Edit: Srs answer - Fantastic Mr. Fox. Directed by Wes Anderson.
kill all humans
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2012. It looks so overdone it might just be ****ing awesome.

Inglorious Bastards, Bruno, free interwebz pr0n.

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Harry Potter 6.

The Evangelion film, but I don't know when that comes out.

Oh, and the Sailor Moon Live Action movie. :O
I'm looking forward to Brüno, that's about all.
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I heard they were re-making the original Child's Play. I hate the recent recycling trend in the industry, but I think Chucky would be well worth it. Also The Hangover...still haven't seen it.
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I want to see Public Enemies. Has anyone seen it?
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Sure I got kicked out, but the DJ played the Imperial March and I just felt badass.
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haha Emma Watson FTMFW. I'm looking forward to seeing Public Enemies, Where the Wild Things are...Inglourious Basterds, and probably a few more. Seeing Bruno tonight.
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Harry potter + The Deathly Hallows

& For the lols

wtf is taht actually radcliffe behind? he looks like a 40 year old man with a gut