when i want to learn a few songs by a band i just look on here first for the tab. but theres a LOT of nevermore that i want to learn and i figure it would be best just to buy tab books from their albums. if they exist! does anyone know any sites where i could search for specific books?

if no such books exist, can anyone help me out with the CHORUS to "POSION GODMACHINE" from the 'DREAMING NEON BLACK' album??? i have this boss micro br that lets you sort of remove the vocals to tracks and you can also slow the playback, but even in doing this i cant for the life of me figure out these 6 legato notes in that chorus. ive looked at the tabs on here and i dont think anyone got those notes correct. any help here is greatly appreciated.

by the way i did the search thing and didnt come up anything helpful. so dont yell at me for not searching?
im gonna give the song another listen for about 2 straight hours haha. i hope you can hear something that i cant. i do have that dvd and tab book and while its fun to watch, im nowhere near being able to play any of that fast stuff. or the sweeps.