Scream Aim Fire by BFMV.
i dont really listen to them but i heard the song and thought it was pretty cool so i heard how to play it today.
i just wanted to see if others find this song challenging.
i thought it was pretty easy except the solo even though its a 3 string sweep it kept
throwing me because of how you have to do this type of thing
-------go up here-2--------
--1start here-3------------
anyways (rant) tell me what you think of the song and rate it from a 1-10.
thanks for all input.the (the numbers in the tabb are there to show in witch order the sweep goes not by fret its by order just imagine it on any 3 given strings.)
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Quote by Nafon
Everything isn't challenging except the sweeps, if you get past them (and they aren't hard) the song isn't hard at all.

thats what im saying..... but its still a pretty fun song to play IMO.
Fix the tab so I can see what on earth you're talking about and I might tell you.
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Not hard at all.

I think I learned the whole song in about 1 hour. Solo and all.

Very fun song though.

Once you get the solo down the rest is just basic hardcore type riffs.
I think it's hard, but then again I suck. I can't even do the fast palm muted rhythm.
If you play a lot of fast metal stuff (Slayer, Testament, etc.) the song should be a piece of cake. I could see the sweeps being a challenge but thats about it.
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not really hard but for me (i dont usually play thrash metal or speed metal) so this is all new.
so i call it fun