We got paired up with 3 metal bands cus we won a BOTBs
theyre in their 30's so were set to impress. and its like our first real gig

Heres our idea for our setlist order:

1. Killing in the Name of-RATM
2. Welcome Home-Co&Ca/ Original4- Crows(dark)
3. Original 1- Acidic Halo 1 (7 on upbeatness)
4. Don't Forget Me-Rhcp
5. Original 2- Blaze (Ballady 6 for the up beat chorus)
6. Wet Sand-Rhcp
7. Critical Acclaim-A7X
8. Original 3 Passengers Dance- (badass riff song 9 Upbeatness)
9. Cemetery Gates-Pantera

Im Thinking of switching out Welcome Home for Original 4 cus its kinda epic but it will need some work. its about the souls of sinners and a metaphore for doves>crows
good people>badd people , good driving dark riff and its kinda epic, it can take its place if we finish it, what do you guys think

Heres sections and hooks of our originals
also adding burn it down(rapture) which i forgot about before so now there is another option.
Acidic Halo.gp5
Burn it down Final.gp5
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end on cemetery gates.
the opening is a good idea. something people know and with a good riff.
sounds pretty comprehensive. just maybe switch 9 & 10 around
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We wanna use this gig to define our style so ending on charlie is kinda as solid as the opener for us, ill throw it out there but charlie is a better ender than pantera.