Maybe someone has already mentioned this but I'll bring it up anyway.

I wouldn't say Dave Mustaine invented the technique, but if you play any type of music that relies heavily on root fifth power chords, this is how you should be doing it.

If you use this technique, you quicly realize that when playing fast metal (such as Megadeth), it literally cuts hand movement in half. It's really awkward at first and will give you a serious case of carpal tunnel for a while (at least it did me) but once you get used to it and good at it, you'll see how great it is.

Of course if you employ this method you won't be able to play your root fifth power chords with your index and pinky anymore, but if you play root fifth chords like that you're doing it wrong anyway.

the only songs you really use this for are Ride the Lightning and Wake Up Dead (i think).
It's not Dave's technique, that's based off a rather basic fundamental of classical guitar, using all your fingers efficiently.

EDIT: My bad, I thought you posted the video on youtube, I read the description and jumped to conclusions.
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besides power chords what else can you use this for?

Good finger independence.

As a practical application it has relatively limited uses in my opinion but it is good practice for the fingers.
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