I'm in the U.K. and would love to get my hands on this pedal again, stupidly I sold it and I want it back now!

I will listen to all prices that may come my way but I know exactly how much this pedal is worth whether it's brand sparkly new or battered to death, so I'll be prepared to pay the money I think would be a fair price for you helping me out and for the pedal to be safely back in my hands!

Please get in touch if you've got one or seen one for sale, except don't tell me about the fella who's currently selling his on craiglist, he's being a swine and won't let me buy it off him cos he wants a pickup only!

This is the effect: http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/dod/fx/fx747

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I have the FX 747 Flanger pedal you speak of.
What's it worth to you?