Hello pit!

I'm trying to raise money (Need about £2000) for a trip to Iceland in 2010 to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, and we're going to be having a coffee morning pretty soon to raise some dosh.

My question is, what fundraising ideas tend to work well? We've got the coffee and biscuits, obviously, a raffle, a jumble sale and a cake sale going on the same day.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Sell drugs on the side use the coffey stands as a cover.
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youll need more than coffee and biscuits, unless your planning on charging extortionate amounts for them
try the raffle thing, and for prizes see if local companies/shops will give you anything for free/on the cheap in exchange for mentioning them
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ask for a grant. Here in Australia many companies give grants to non-profit organisations like scouts and youth groups, never know it might work
Play little gigs.
Steal lolly's from little kids and sell them.
you know, the usual stuff!
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sausage sizzles are great as well as the other ideas here (the more sensible ones anyway). Sometimes tins ofr donations will work, people in smaller communites will tend to support locals in doing atuff like that, depends on how bigger town you live in as to whether that will work or not.
raffle off yourself to babes?
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Yeah, replace the sugar in those little packets with ice, then they will have to come back.
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I've got friends who work in a charity shop, so I could quite easily get stuff for a raffle... Have we missed any great things that could rake in money for our coffee morning?

Coffee/tea and biscuits.
Cake sale.
Jumble sale.

And we don't have to raise the 2000 all in one go Just need to get some money towards it at this point.
Thanks for your contributions so far!