Hi UG community, I'm pretty new =) Been lurking the forums for a month now but hey, now I really have something to ask!

I recently got myself into alot of Jimi Hendrix things and I saw this very rare "Dance on the desert" song by Jimi Hendrix played on a acoustic..
Sadly the audio sucks and there is no video (to see his hands,etc.)
But, I'm asking all the pros out there, is it possible to tab it?

Thanks alot for your answers!


Oh and just the chords strum @ the beginning with the lyrics would be enuff

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1UVYcm6DA8
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i guess il take a crack at this one, its hard for me to get the beginning right because his tuning throws me off but this is what i got. the tuning on my recording is 3/4 step down it sounds accurate enough, click on my profile to hear my attempt at this...anyway heres the rough tab of chords you can mess around with them yourself. message me if you need help

yeah so those are some of the chords i came up with, you can add the rhythm and strum pattern.....remember to tune down 3/4 step and you can check my profile for a short version of this HOPE THIS HELPS
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