Well, to put it blatantly, I suck at identifying pitches. I needed to figure out Drain You for my band, and couldn't get onto a computer, so I took my guitarists tab book and used that for the root notes, then figured out what to play from there, and I'm pretty sure it's all right, and I just realized I could submit it on here. My question is, can I still submit it even though I used my guitarists tab book for the root notes?

Edit: It's a bass tab, not the guitar; I just used a guitar book for the root notes.
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You should be alright if what you took were the bare essentials.

Alright, thanks.
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drain you from Nirvana? if there arent enought tabs already, you can try

There's three tabs for the bass; even with the highest rated one, I have slight disagreements.
what i usually do is take the best bits from tabs and make a sort of super tab that is as accurate as possible.
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