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I was wondering do people really like spiky guitars (B.C Rich)? I'm a big fan of Metal and I like Gibson V's and Explorers but I really hate the B.C. Rich style guitars, They look like a ten year old's toy power ranger sword. Anyone else agree?

It's all up to opinion. I dislike V's in some way (to the right person it looks pretty awesome), but obviously you like them.
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Well, if one of those crazy fans jump on stage during your gig you could always impale them with one of the many sharp edges. Other than that those type of guitars are butt ugly imo
I like the gibson style V's, I don't like the really pointy Dean And BC rich V's, I just don't like the "Brutal Metal" guitars.
I absolutely hate the Gibson designs because they look really bland, I don't like the extreme BC Rich designs, Mockingbird is ok. And I kind of fell in love with the Razorback so yeah, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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If people didn't like them they wouldn't make them. They must be popular enough to turn a decent profit.
i like both the Gibson V and Jackson V styles. At first i just liked the Jackson V's and not the Gibson, but since i have one, i am wanting a Gibson.

I like both the extreme shapes and the less radical styles. I like DBZ guitars b/c they combine the best of both. I like the Gibson shape of the Bolero, but the subtle curves and contours as well. Same with the Cavallo. is has the Gibson V shape as well as the B.C. Rich Draco style contours, but less exaggerated.

I'm not a big fan of B.C. Rich. Some of their stuff is a little too extreme. But i do like the Draco for some reason. But since i found DBZ guitars, i like the Draco less.
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dude theyre awsome. but i do understand what you're on about with the b.c. rich guitars, they're slightly tacky. i personally hate les pauls, and while im not crazy about strats some are nice. spiky guitars FTW
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I went to the BC Rich website and the ASM guitars are fine.

Oh and I like the Decaying twitter bird on their frontpage, thought that was funny.
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I'm not going to pretend I like them but whatever, I don't care what shape someone elses guitar is.
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I don't care that much either, hey if it sounds good it is good and some bands I like use (What I think are) ugly guitars but I was just wondering what the general opinion was.

One thing I will say, the Cheapo BC Rich Metal master is ugly as heck and I've never seen anyone over thirteen, or fourteen with one.
I think they're utterly ridiculous.
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I only like jacksons and esp spiky styles. also gibson explorers. dean and bc rich just look too 'brutal' and tastelessly
my personal rule is that if it has more than two pointy bits its to br00tal for me

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I've got a off set v, a xiphos and a dean Pointy guitars are pretty fun, but I still stick with playing my superstrat guitar the most.
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Personally, I'm a fan of radical shapes. I like how the Warlock's split in the middle, similar to a V, but I don't like the rest of the guitar lol. But it's all personally preference.
Its all about how tastefully the pointy-ness is. Warriors, Xiphos, and Kellys are fine (and comfortable to play!). but I ****ing despise most BC Rich models and Razorbacks.
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I like guitars that have a certain purpose. In my opinion, the RR had a lot of reasoning for its shape. The lack of wood on the treble side really brings out the guitar's tone on soloing. The shape is extremely comfortable sitting down and standing up (alder's really light) while the neck's one of the most comfortable ones in existance.
I am amazed how many people like these things. I have people churning out the usual "Strats are gay" "Les Pauls suck" and they play something that looks like a warhammer figure and has crap sustain, because they play metal? I don't get it. I'm sticking to my black LP.
Personally, I find shapes like Kellys, Icemans (Icemen?), RR's and King V's all to be incredible comfortable and easy to play. I hate Dean and B.C. Rich though. Why did Mustaine sell his soul to Dean?
I liked Ibanez's old V's before they discontinued them. Were my personal fav's other than the neck (Too thin for my tastes. Strangely enough I love my JEM7V to death).

Jackson V's remain supreme over all IMO, but other than that one in particular I lost my lust for a V guitar.
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Well, if one of those crazy fans jump on stage during your gig you could always impale them with one of the many sharp edges. Other than that those type of guitars are butt ugly imo

Which is why I'm renting a Warlock if I ever play somewhere that I'd feel in danger

On topic: I like the Explorers and Vs and all, but BC Rich doesn't do it for me either. The headstock makes me think I'm gonna poke my eye out as well.
Not a fan of most point guitars...Except the Explorer but they are rounded off. They still look and feel less comfy to play.

I like old school bodies. If I want flair, I'm gonna mess with the finish. Buy one of the new SGs, beat to hell a classic finish guitar (ala Frusciantes' '57 strat for example), or put my own phrase like "Get out of my head!!". Things along those lines.

Les Pauls, SGs, Teles, Strats, Gretsches...mmmm those good guitars.
I never thought I'd like pointy guitars. That was up until I found my B.C. Rich Warlock N.J. Series lightly-used in a local music store for $275, hard-case included. I just *had* to try it. She was *much* more comfortable than I'd thought, sounded great, and felt good in my hands. Besides, I knew that if I ever had to sell a guitar in a pinch, I could get more money out of her than I put in.

In general: Pointy Guitars are like Dark Beer, they're both aquired tastes.

If you want to talk about B.C. Rich guitars as weapons, check out the movie, "Dance of the Dead." It was a Ghosthouse Underground production. It's the best horror comedy I've seen since "Evil Dead 2."

Regarding guitar shapes in general, you just have to be open to appreciating them as unique. That is, I've never met a guitar I didn't like. Some of them just work better for certain things than others.
spiky guitars are good for like really heavy metal stuff cuz they fit but i would never use one personally i like les pauls and strats for sum reason, they just fell right lol
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not hated
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the DBZ Bird of Prey is the pointiest, most metal guitar

I saw that in GW this month. At first I was like "hmmm" but then I was like

I like pointy Vs, and Star style guitars, and don't mind Warlocks/Beasts etc, in addition to all the 'standard' guitars, except teles

And what's with all the strat-style guitars with 3-a-side headstocks lately? It just looks wrong IMO.
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Personally, I think those kinds of guitars are perfect for 80s hair metal type stuff. Especially if they're a really bright color like green, pink, or blue... too bad you only ever see them in black.
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