If during any of this post, I come across as immature and confused, its because I am. Sorry, please bear with me.

I'll get directly to the point here.

1) Someone said that a few universities dont give credit for Business and Management, is this true?
2) Can someone tell me the recommended calc for IB? Some fx7900 slim I think it was called. Also, how much does it cost?
3) The whole IB format of IAs and Labs, I DO NOT understand, but its only my third day tomorrow. Is this normal? Can someone explain this to me please???
4) I want to do civil engineering/architecture, I've taken Physics, Chemi, Math at HL, B&M, English, Language 2 at SL. Can I still do architecture if I havent taken visual arts?
5) Can someone link me to the percentage required for each credit in each subject? (Eg. 80% for 7 in Math HL. I know its not correct, just an example)
6) Can someone tell me the of entrance exams I am required to give for studying in the following countries, and what they will test me on?

USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Australia.

I mean stuff like SAT, TOEFL and stuff. I have no clue what they are >.<

Non - IB questions.

1) How is the quality of life as a civil engineer? I mean on work as well as off work?
2) The same as above, but for an architect?
3) Can someone recommend good universities for me to pursue an architects/civil engineers degree???

I am very confused, so any additional help about any of these things is appreciated.

Thanks guys

tl;dr Cant, sorry. Thats as short as I can make it >.< they're all questions, well almost atleast.
1) check the IB website and there is a list of universities and what they give out for credits
2)its a texas instrument calculator, the T-something.
3)Its just different requirements, ask your teacher.
5)This changes, especially in english. They group the marks depending on how you do, so if no one does well, they group it so that where the majority of people scored, thats the passing grade or a B or something.
6)Cant help on that one. Well SAT's and ACT's are for the states and they are really long and challenging.
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I've done engineering but not in any of the countries you named there, so I can only tell you what it's like here. Architecture is a university study here so you can either go in by following engineering first and then architecture(wich is the route I can take after this) or you can go straight in if you have the right level of education and the right subjects.

As for wich classes you took, in my country you'd have all the correct ones you need so I wouldn't worry about that. Now what the life and job is like is something I'm more familiar with, the places where I worked as a drawer would be usually small businesses with 15 people at best.

As an engineer you'd either be given assignments where you'd have to draw or calculate constructions and all that, it's fun but expect to spend a lot of time behind a computer doing the same thing all the time. Wich can be fun all the same but an architect has a lot more interesting work. Most of the architects I worked for would have days from 10 am to 12 pm, travelling between building sites and customers during daytime and drawing and designing at night. Fun, but a lot of work and you have to like it if you're gonna spend the rest of your life doing it.
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A Level > IB
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I think the percentage for IB scores varies by each exam, so if people do really bad a 70% could be a 7.

And in Canada there isn't really an entrance exam for university, they can probably use some of your IB marks, but you have to check individual universities to see.
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