I have fear to take my guitars to a tech. That's because I have took my kramer focus 2000 to 2 different techs and it came worse than it already was. The action was exaggerately high after the work. My pinky could almost fit in it.

Then I got my jackson. I think that the action is a bit high, comparing to a ibanez guitar I have, and now its neck needs an adjustment I think (because the bends I do in the higher frets can be barely heared) but I'm scared that the tech will make the guitar's action worse than it already is.
What should I do?

Oh and by the way the action should be equal in all places of the neck? Because near the nut, the action is very low and it will rise until the end of the neck.
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I'm from Portugal, I doubt there are many members from here . Thank you David for explaining me so far.
the only solution is to find a good tech. if there is no good techs available then learn how to do it yourself, then exploit the fact that there are no good techs in your area and begin to market your services. if that isnt a solution then i dont know what is.