So, I've finally just made the switch from acoustic to electric. I bought a brand new Fender Strat (HSS) .

During my time playing acoustic, I learned

Open chords, Barre Chords, Power Chords, Palm Muting, Bending, Hammers, slides, The pentatonic box shapes, and the blues scale. I've been working on alternate picking as well.

My question to you is what techniques/theory should I focus on as I begin my journey into the world of electric ascension?

I'm looking to develop all around... Speed, writing melodies and rhythms, work on solo improv... etc.

Let me know what you think!
The hardest thing for me when going from acoustic to electric was the extra unwanted noise.

Really have to make an effort to not let the strings ring out.
yeh ^^

i hate it when theres a bit of distortion and you can hear this unwanted buzz when you change notes or chords
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