I have a choice between 2005 and 2008 American stratocaster
Anybody has any experience with strats post 2004

after 2004 they started to use some special bridge that improves resonation ...etc

any help appreciated
are they in the same condition?
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This might be a dumb question...
But if you'd like to know the difference between post and pre-04 models, then why are you deciding between two post-04 models?
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I'd say the 2008, since I like the new bridge design and all the ones I've played have been great.
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Well the present American Stratocasters are much more expensive than they were in 2005, this is probably partly because they are costing more to produce now, but also because I think they have better parts and hardware. I'd get the 2008 one.
I like my 2007 strat, but I haven't played any other post-04 strats
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