Your life's been torn apart
Ripped to shreds
The point is this

You'll be okay
You'll be okay

Holy narcotics
Addict you
Little black book
Misleads you

Pick yourself up
(only you can)
Pick yourself up
(only you can)

You kneel on hollow ground, grasping the hands you used to own
Pray to a dead immortal savior: "Can't you reap the seeds I've sewn?"

You see the hand of God
Coincidence? Fate!
You've given in

You've given up
You'll be okay

Please be okay

I want Super Saiyan abilities
i really like this. kinda dark.
is this a song or a poem?
if it's a poem i wouldn't change much, but if it's a song, i would think you made the chorus/verses too short, and should add more, mabey even combine some verses (but i'm not sure which is which here)

very nice. your welcome.