Ok so I have decided to buy a Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX. I want to find a good case which goes with it. Right now i'm getting a deal of 800$ for the Guitar with the case free (from Beijing). It is Schecter's official dealer in Beijing so the case i think will be their official Hard Case. Is it a good hard-case ? Are there better ones for the ATX and if so, then how much will it cost ? Thanks
The case from the company itself should be fitted to the exact shape of the body so in terms of fit you can't get much better but in terms of durability I don't know, if it bothers you that much then wait until you have the guitar, take it to a shop near you and get a proper flight case for it.
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I live in India and Schecter guitars aren't officially launched here yet (at least the higher ends) and guitar hard cases here will costs a bomb
I have practically the same guitar as you, and I purchased an SKB Case for mine and its terrific. I especially like the latches.

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