Not heard the Dean Zebra but all EMGs are fantastic, I have a couple of ESPs both originally had EMG-ESP LH300s (I think these are basically H4s made by ESP) and I swapped one for an EMG 81. If you can afford the stretch, get an 81 instead!
Active EMGs are fine if you know how to use them but the HZs are not; they just sound like EMGs with flat batteries.
Dean's Zebra isn't very good either. It's just a typical cheap moderate output humbucker, which are two a penny.

If you want a good replacement pickup, then you do have to pay. DiMarzios and Duncans are considered the industry standard. Going up in price from there you get what you pay for.
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Wich is better deans zebra humbuckers or emgs hz h4 pickups?

Totally subjective, but the Deans sound a bit one-dimensional to my ears, and I can't stand the sound of the "good" EMGs, let alone those that reside in the same realm as "Duncan Designed".

I'd suggest letting your ears decide, because ultimately, that's all that matters.
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I can make EMG HZ's work fine for my playing. The HZ basically sounds like an active EMG without the exremely high output battery buzz tone.
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