Does anyone do this? I for one do not, although it seems like it would be very efficient to.
I use it sometimes, but i mainly use my thumb/index/middle,

i use it it songs such as "Daphne loves Derby - Simple, starving to be safe"

I guess you can use it if you trained your pinky to do so, but in my case, my pinky is too weak.
Why not. Quite a few expert bassist pick with a pinky, I don't see why you should not. Yes, if you go to a music school you'll be told to pick only with your thumb, ring, index and middle finger, but "rules" are meant to be broken. As far as playing music is concerned, if you have a third hand use that one aswell, it's just a matter of practice you put in. Sure, you'll have to put much more workout into your pinky than your index finger, but your pinky will pay back and enable you to play stuff you couldn't before.
Unless you are really planning to make your pinky useful, don't try to use it as it will lead to unnecessary frustration. I sometimes use it in slower songs just to make the picking a little easier, but other than that, pinky is just simply too hard to control and not worth the trouble.

However, if you get into flamenco and that stuff, you might want to do some heave training with you pinky. But that's rather extreme as you can still pretty much play anything without using this finger.

And, as with all of this kind of questions:
The real answer for you is hidden in yourself. Try to play with pinky, without it, try to do exercises with your pinky and just see what fits you the best. None of us can give you definite answers, we can only say what suits us the best and that might not be what works for you.
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I use it sometimes on the first string... =]
It's not a lot important to use... but it's very important to not lean it on to the body...

Sorry for my english.
I use it all the time. Never caused me any harm at all, and makes it so that you can fingerpick cool jazz extensions easily. Its never been a problem for me, but then that's how I have always done it since I am self-taught.

To each man his own. If you wanna use it then do, if not then don't.
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It's sort of useless considering how much effort you need to put in to get it up to speed/precision and how little the difference is that it ends up making.

I stick with modified PIMA (for really fast, complex patterns I sometimes neglect my index finger and just pick that string with my thumb since it's faster).
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I use my pinky in flamenco for rasgueados in 5ths and jazz when it's chords that need 5 strings.
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When I'm finger picking, I don't usually use my pinky, but for some songs, I need to, just because...Like "Is There Anybody Out There" by Pink floyd, there's a few spots that I need to use it on. but for songs like "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" by Radiohead, I see no use for my Pinky. It's all up to you whether you use it or not, I don't see a disadvantage by learning to use it proficiently.
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I very rarely use it for normal picking, the only technique I always use my pinky for is when picking out harmonics with only the right hand.

That's not to say it cannot be used effectively. As others have said here, being able to pick out fuller chords (without strumming) can give a nice flavour to some songs, although I find that the shorter length of my pinky makes it very difficult to use it for more complex finger picking patterns, at least if they're to be played at any greater speed.