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I know this isn't Hardcore but it is for fans of both Hardcore and Metal Music!

Check out Hypno5e at www.myspace.com/hypno5e

Or check out their song Tutuguri Live HERE!

French metal experimentalists HYPNO5E create a brutal and unique style that can truly be called the future of metal. Mixing ambient metal and video concept, the genius within HYPNO5E shows an all around approach to the arts, musically and visually.

Let me know what you think! Something Different, and awesome!

The band Hypno5e side project, A Backward Glance On A Travel Road, has given the music world a great ambient record that is available for $FREE DOWNLOAD$. With the download you get the entire new release from ABGOATR as well as album art for each song! Is worth checking out, and its free! Let me know what you guys think as well.

$FREE DOWNLOAD$ = www.dl-abackwardglance.com

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whats so unique about this?
cause they lame clean vocal parts?
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