I've really grown tired of my Schecter Hellraiser and would much rather have a nice semi-hollow body guitar, like an Epiphone Sheraton II. I was thinking of seeing if someplace like Guitar Center would be willing to go for an even trade in, but I figured I'd post here and ask if anyone thought I'd have a shot. My Hellraiser has two dings in it, both about 1/3 in. in length, and not very wide, the first on the headstock in between two tuning begs, and the other one on the bottom left horn on the backside of the guitar.

The Hellraiser goes for 699 new, and the Sheraton II goes for 599: I figure considering my guitar's a year old and has 2 small dings, they would be fine about an even trade, but since it IS Guitar Center, they may be more picky.

If GC won't do anything for me, I'll just put it on craigslist, but I'd like to go through my local GC since I've given them some decent business in the past.
if i was a store manager i wouldnt do a straight trade i`d offer you 300 for your schecter and you make up the rest towards the next guitar.
I've noticed with big shops that they can care less if you give them decent business because so many people buy stuff from their. Small local shops will actually recognize you when you come back and remember about your business. They don't have as many customers as GC so they actually value their customers...

You won't get much for it at GC and I don't know if you would get a fair trade. I would try my luck on craigslist as a trade for the guitar you are looking for or just plain up selling it.
like hell would ou get a fare trade you would get 350 at the most
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You'd be lucky to get $300 out of GC -- they generally offer 30-35% of retail for mint used guitars.
Seriously? That sucks. Alright, I'll try my luck on craigslist. Thanks guys.
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Seriously? That sucks. Alright, I'll try my luck on craigslist. Thanks guys.

no thats business, and i doubt you`d get much more selling privately afterall it`s not in mint condition as you said it has a couple of dings, the general rule when buying 2nd hand is that no matter what it`s only worth half of the retail price unless it`s a rarity or collectable.
I've seen Schecters like mine sell for anywhere from 450 - 550 on ebay and craigslist in similar condition to mine, so I don't think it's going to be that much of a stretch at all.