Hey, i was just wondering if it was possible to do a hardware upgrade on a les paul- my point of interest were the brushings; (its a gibson) and i was thinking changed all the hardware and pups (all upgraded to top of the line tonepros/ kluson) and was just wondering if it was possible to remove the brushings already in place, or would i have to bring it into a repair shop?

i know the brushing on the bridge and tailpiece are press fit along with the tuners, so would it be easier if i go into a store to get those changed without damadging teh instrument?
If it's a real Les Paul (ie Gibson) why would you want to change all the hardware? Some people do swap out PUs but the rest of the hardware is good quality. You're most likely devaluing your guitar as far as resale goes as well.
Moving on.....
well i got the wine red 02 standard (gibson) with nickle hardware, but i wanted to change the pups to burstbuckers pro but i was thinking of also changing the nashville bridge to tonepros and while doing it change it all to gold, cuz i like the flash.. but havent decided yet
The gibson hardware is fine, but the Tonepros stuff is definitely better - especially the locking bridges and tailpieces. They sustain better and have slightly better tuning stability.