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8 24%
1 3%
4 12%
2 6%
5 15%
Red Fortune/Red Tower
5 15%
2 6%
0 0%
4 12%
3 9%
Voters: 34.
Which ones Best?!?!?!

Ankou- the henchmen of death
Red Fortune/ Red Tower
Anima- the inner soul of a person

Also our genre is Rock Alternative Metal, and everything in between
Red Hot Chili Peppers+A7X+Pantera+Pearl Jam is how id describe our sound
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You have the definition of Anima wrong, unless that is part of the name. I like the Ankou one.
What genre do you play?

I'd personally go for Ankou
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honestly, this one
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youre still in the wrong area dumbass. put it in the only bandname stiky at the top of this page.

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Viscara (my band)
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youre still in the wrong area dumbass. put it in the only bandname stiky at the top of this page.


Hey dumbass can you put a poll in that thread?
Personally I don't like none.
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Okay.... warned (flaming) and closed (sticky for band name thread; beginning of flame-fest - also dredged up a thread from two weeks ago, apparently for the sole purpose of instigating.... not cool).

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