There is something that really annoys me about this website.
and that is that theres a hella lot of people, who go into certain areas of threads, just to make fun of that thread just because they dont like the music.
if you dont like the music in the thread, just stay the **** out, seriously.
and dont complain about there being more than one thread on a certain band or a certain topic, it makes you sound like a complete jackass when you go into a thread an chewout/make fun of the person who wrote it.

dont go saying **** acting like everything you say is right. cuz youre not.
for example when some one labels a band under, for example metalcore, just because you dont think its metalcore, doesnt mean its not.

i know that some people wont agree with me on this, but this is just my opinion.

.. if there is anything that you want to vent about like this above^^ go ahead and vent in this thread!

.. and im about to die because miley cyrus is on the radio at work right now, and i wanna stab my ears out.

*reported* dude

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To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

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Do you love Arsis?
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There is something that really annoys me about this website.

Stopped reading here.
Okay so this huge douche thinks he's tough **** cause he thinks he knows what it's all about, and how people who don't like a certain kind of music should just stay out of those threads. And now he's all high and mighty boasting about in this one thread. **** you you FloppyPancake01.

Just kidding, I agree
Quit bitching because you made another Attack Attack! thread in the hardcore forum and got told.

Cry baby.
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