Hi, i've just started on my first customized guitar. So far i've brought an alder stratocaster body and a lovely rosewood neck. I think im going to put a seymour duncan jb in the bridge position for when i want to let loose, i've heard their pretty yummy and versatile.
Anyway I'm just looking for advice on good single coils for middle and neck positions for that classic fender tone. At the moment i've got my eye on 2006 USA Fender Strat DELUXE SCN NOISELESS pickups because i've seen a cheap pair. I know their probably the way to go if they please my ears but if someone can give me some recommendations so i can see whats out there before i make my final decision i'd appreciate it.
Also should i be looking to go with 500k pots?

Cheers, Dave.
I know that the deluxes come with samarium cobalt noiseless pickups
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