I'm a hardcore Heavy Metal fan... I just feel some the newly evolved sub genres of metal aren't really that creative... I can see why some bands are famous such as In Flames and Children of Bodom... I love hardcore punk and all that as well... It's just... I can't see any creative energy behind Cannibal Corpse and Job For A Cowboy records... What do you think?
Just take a look at the Evisceration Plague making of (it's on youtube) and then judge the band.
they create mosh pits......................................
but Yeah i see what you mean, i'm not a big fan of cc but i think they do have some creative energy in there. for some reason though i prefer cc over cob :S :S :S :S :S i just don't like alexi's vocals :s

it's strange i prefer bass gurgling vocals over something i can actually understand
They made me do push ups in drag

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I'm a firework, primed to go off
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yeah, JFAC sucks.. horribly... but cannibal corpse is decent.. overrated, but decent.

i will admit though, they were piss boring live.. left after 3 songs.
I like Metal but can't stand most Death Metal.

Actually it's not so much it being too heavy for me, it just gets boring for me lol. I need some kind of compositition, don't know why.

Progressive Death Metal, like Opeth is pretty amazing though.