Tonight, me and the Lead guitarist will be heading to a friend of his' house/studio, and making a few recordings of anything (Originals, covers, etc.) we can. Our issue is, the drummer and bassist can't come :\ That leaves us with the two guitarists/singers. The guy who runs the studio can play drums (Better than our drummer XD ) and will record that. Hell, any of us can play the bass (Not that bass is easy; we all play it :P ).

Pros: Confirmation of songs (Good chance to review them in light of recordings)
Demos (The usual pluses)
Easier to get a gig (with recordings. It is locally, anyways)
We want to put a CD out within a year from now, and basic recordings are the first step in seeing what we want

Cons: Usual Bassist/drummer not there
Demos will only truly represent our songs, not so much those two missing (Arguably a plus, depending on view)

This may be our only chance to record for a while. Should we do it?

Edit: The bassist/drummer understand that they can't come, and want us to record. They are for it (This isn't behind their back)
Try it. It'll teach you what recording's like. Heck, I have a project studio and I'm still not sure what the album-making process is!

Just remember you need to be able to ace your songs to record a CD.
If it is a friend's house, can you simply reschedule for next week or something?

Seems pretty simple, no?

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Quote by axemanchris
If it is a friend's house, can you simply reschedule for next week or something?

Seems pretty simple, no?


Kinda sorta... The issue (More detailed) is that his family refuses to let so many (Our band is 4 guys) people do recording work at a time. They require the other two people pay (Quote, since he doesn't know them). We don't have the money, and refuse to make them pay a cent. What do we do? We figured we might just get demos of the songs, so we have proof-of-concepts.
What's his studio like? And it's utterly ludicrous to suggest that expecting payment is unfair. Either record properly with the whole band, or don't bother.

Check out my recent thread for an example of the quality you can get, for an outlay of around £50/$80 (assuming someone you know has a laptop).
You can't give it to people and say it's your band, when it's not. It'd be cool to go there and learn how to record and stuff, but I wouldn't give it out to people.
Get some of your own gear, it's not that bad if you get second hand. Or maybe you can get your mate to bring a long the essentials to your house.
A really good idea is go to your local uni, and put a flyer up saying sometihng along the liens of 'doing sound engineer and want some experience to get the best mark you can? Have the resources but no-one to put them into use? call <insert you here>'
this si also a great way to just get to know people in the music industry. Get 'em while they're students and they'll be grateful forever.

btw, I've seen those posters around unis, so people do it