Hey, i have a schecter Hellraiser Sunset custom FR here, and it's been 7 months since i bought it.
yesterday, i played a single open string note, the i accidently bend one of the strings(not the played single note open string) on the second fret, and the open string note just bends too!! is this a problem? or is it just like this? i'm using an original floyd rose, thanks!!
Unfortunateley this just happens with floyd roses. Its because you change the tension across the bridge which changes how it floats. The best thing to do is to use your picking hand to hold the bridge down so that it doesnt move when you bend...or thats all I do. Either that or you just be careful what notes you bend.

Unless people have other ideas?
its a floating bridge so bending one note moves the bridge, causing all the other notes to change tuning too.

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