Hello people. I am searching for very good, professional-quality recording software or hardware with which i can record songs in good quality, and record a few backing tracks and jamming sessions. I have a Mac, which only supports Mac software. Right now, i have a JamVOX. The amplifier sounds that it has are good. But the recording interface is not nice to use. It lets you record only on one track, and after you are done recording it names it "My Recording [number-here]". If you want to add something to the track, you have to take the track and record over it. So you have to layer the tracks on top of each other, and if you later decide you want to delete a certain track, you have to delete the ones you recorded after it, too.

So, i want recording software that supports my JamVOX (It has a software output feature, so almost every software that supports a microphone supports the JamVOX), has a multi-track feature, good sound quality, a lot of effects, really good audio editing features, and is supported on the Mac. I'm willing to shell out cash for it, although right now, i have only 30 euro's, but if it's between 10~200 euros, maybe i'll save cash for it.

Thanks in advance
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Free and will allow multiple tracks. Not the best but easy to use. BTW, this is the wrong section of the forum.


Thanks. I was looking for something else than Audacity though, because it doesn't work quite well on my Mac. And thanks for the heads-up. Where should i post this thread, then?
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Riffs & Recordings

I thought that was for posting the recordings you made? Well, thanks you guys for linking me to that forum.
Would one of the moderators please move the thread to Riffs & Recordings?
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Riffworks T4 and Sonoma Wire Works. Basically the same thing, and it's all done over the computer. It also sometimes comes with Line 6 computer amp and guitar comoputer usb converter - just plug it into your computer, plug your guitar into the converter and play and record.