Hey guys~!

So, yeah, looking for an amp. And i'm basically lost.
I'll try to keep it simple.

Playing a Fender CIJ '62 Tele
playing alot of blues & classic rock.
i live in europe (sweden..) and basically i'm on a budget.
around $500 / £320~ is what i got to play with.

I'm looking for a good allround amp with nice cleans and a good overdrive, i'm just worried that my budget will limit me a lot.

I've been looking at Fender Champ 600 (with a pedals!), Used Marshalls, and Fender pro jr.

Any suggestions?
how expensive are laneys in sweden? i know they're good value in the UK... something like a laney vc15 or vc30, depending on budget, would be worth a look. peavey classic 30 too (again, depending on its price in sweden).
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classic 30's actually shot up in price quite a lot. it sucks because i remember they were pretty cheap for a while, back when i didn't need an amp...=/

The Laney vc15 looks pretty good, it is however pushing my budget a bit, but definately worth looking into!

more suggestions are very welcome.
pro jr, if you have the ability to play loudly, or have pedals.

Skip the champ 600, maybe look for an old valco (supro, gretsch, airline, it's all the same thing) or gibson ga-5, gibsonette, skylark, les paul jr, etc. Good value for the money.