I have replaced the strings on my Les Paul black beauty, but the low E and A strings rattle when i play between the 1st and 5 th frets. I am planning on taking it to a shop to get it checked out but i would appreciate any cheaper suggestions
Just adjust the action. The screws on the bridge is what i mean. You might have bought the wrong gauge string.
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so i can just turn the screws and raise the bridge a little bit?

The screws on the saddles. They're on the bridge.
"Then I just had a cage full of mice."
Urm, maybe I'm behind the times, but I haven't come across a LP with height adjustable saddles...

IIRC, the entire bridge must be raised or lowered, but it sounds as though since the buzz is only on 2 bass-side strings, a gentle quarter or half turn (Counter-clockwise!) of the bridge screw may help, if not cure it.

Don't do this while the bridge is under full string tension!

If this doesn't work, you're getting close to a tweak of the truss or a fret-job.