Poll: What energy drink would go best with Jello
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View poll results: What energy drink would go best with Jello
Red Bull
6 12%
Monster (specify flavor)
11 22%
Amp (specify flavor)
4 8%
Full Throttle (specify flavor)
0 0%
Rock Star (specify flavor)
5 10%
Bawls (specify flavor)
3 6%
4 8%
other (specify)
9 18%
9 18%
Voters: 51.
what energy drink do you guys think would go best in jello?
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This man speaks the truth.
None. Energy drinks taste like radioactive bull piss.
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you guys think jagerbomb jello shots would work out good?
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This man speaks the truth.
Monster, only energy drink which actually tastes nice.
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Monster or Gatorade.
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redbull cola
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I think you can pretty much eat jello with whatever you want, so pick whatever drink sounds the best to you. If I had to choose though I would go with the plain Full Throttle.
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I dont drink energy drinks so no
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you guys think jagerbomb jello shots would work out good?

As someone who has done almost this, I can say yes. Vodka also works very well with flavoured Jell-o
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The green one. they're not as unhealthy as a lot of other kinds.
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i'm thinking lemon-lime jello with brawndo so far as they have the same flavors
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This man speaks the truth.
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i almost threw up when i drank some of that....it like burnt my throat for like 10 minutes after i drank it. but i was gonna post the same thing!
**** monster. drink venom or venom with mango(the mango one is the greatest drink ever)

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is there any way to decarbonate the energy drink but keep the flavor?
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This man speaks the truth.
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none.. because i don't like jello
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It's got electrolytes
-but what are electrolytes?
It's..the stuff they use to make Brawndo!!
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