has anyone ever recessed a pickguard into the body? i'm curious how it would look since in my mind it seems like it'd be an interesting look for a guitar. i searchbar'd and nothing came up.
it'd look like a big inlay. as does anything else inlaid into a body.

It would probably f*ck up the tone... but sure why not...
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It would probably f*ck up the tone... but sure why not...

i don't think so... it's just a pickguard. you'd be shaving out less wood than a whole pickup route.

and i think it would look awesome! try it, i've never seen anything like that
i'm toying with the idea of doing it although it's gotta wait until after the summer when i can afford supplies for the build i got in mind. just figured i'd check and see if anyone has done it before since i'd like an idea of how it looks before doing something i may regret.
I wonder, how hard would it be to do a whole body like this, but instead of a pickguard, use Mahogany,or Quilted maple, and still keep the border of what's under it.

I just figured out what I'm going to do on my first made by me guitar!

Make sure that the edges of your pickguard are straight though, It will look goofy having a crevice all around the pickguard.
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Godin has a guitar with the pickguard inlaid (actually a couple of binding strips laid down as an outline only- there's no actual pickguard)... Taylor's solidbodies has the entire top inlaid.
sounds cool. just like route out a little bit in the pg shape. That would look cool only for certain guitars though and the shape of pg. I think it would look weird on a strat because i really like the 3 ply pg's. need a good router that can be really precise, and the route work has to be freakin perfect.
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