Sry for the repost, not sure how to inform a mod to move the thread, not really worried about it either lol

It's a Stratocaster

- Red White-Crackled paintjob
- 3 S-Coil Pickups (He installed what looks like a Razor pickup in the bottom though)
- Fulcrum (3 Spring) Tremolo Unit
- Maple Fretboard
- Made in Korea

- Neck has the trademark grey line through the back like a Fender but the Headstock is close to a Lotus.
- He sorta blotted out everything on the headstock so there's no telling what it said lol

I'm just curious what it is. He is a guitar technician and is currently working on my Jackson Js1 so he's letting me borrow this Strat until it's fixed up.
he`s your brother which means you speak to him regularly (dont you?) ask him, never heard of lotus guitars btw.
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He lives 50 miles away so no I don't speak to him that often.

heard of a phone?

on topic, it is pretty impossible to tell given that description because those specs are so common. a pic might help us though.
my first guitar had a B on the headstock at that was it. It was the squier starters look like Ormsby customs.
The crackle thing to me kinda reminds me of the Axl Badwater series.. But i could be way off. Just thinkin out loud.