hello this is my first post, I am going to go get my first guitar here in a few days, an i am somewhat undecided on what to get. im tryin to stay in the 300$ range for this first one. The guitars im lookin at are the ibanez rg2ex1, epiphone goth lp studio, and the jackson js30dk. i listen to classic rock all the way to some heavy metal. if anyone has any input, the good an the bads it would me much appreciated, thanks.
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300$ for guitar+amp? or primarily guitar? plus 50 on the side for picks strings cables tuners straps and bags? lower end ibanez and jackson tend to be meh. EPiphone is a wodnerful brand, look into there lp's.
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no, sorry i already have an amp, strings an picks plus a stand an everything, pretty much have all i need but a guitar
look at the ibanez rg321 it's a very good guitar for the price and can handle classic rock and is more than capable of playing heavy metal
ya i looked at the 321, but i heard that the infinity pups are not very good, where as the v7 an v8s in the rg2ex1 were somewhat better. i mean, it doesnt matter a whole lot cause i plan on getting some emg's in the near future, but i also like the look of the rg2ex1 a little more
Go the les paul if you're into classic rock, for sure. I have a Gibson lp studio, it's great for the hard rock, heavy distortion sound. It does the job for metal too, but if you're really want the authentic heavy metal sound the ibanez is probably the go. It depends a lot on the amp though.
ya, thanks everyone. ya i have a spider 2 30 watt that i got for real cheap, it will do until i can save up enough for a tube im goin to guitar center tomorrow so i guess i will just play everything there an pick the best, i just didnt know if there was any reliability issues with any of the guitars i mentioned
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There was just a review too, it's on the front page. The review is for the ART300, but they're the same. The 300 just costs $100 more because of the finish and it has active pickups. Voted last year's best deal for guitars. It's really better than $300.
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