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#1 your second electric guitar? Because i have been playing for around a year and a half and have made decent progress, can play a good amount of songs/parts of songs, and i feel like i could imrove my playing a little bit if i got a new guitar (right now i have a Fender Starcaster that was 79.99 at Target). I know there isn't a set qualification at how good you have to be to get a new guitar, but im just curious to see how long you all were playing when you get your second.
I was playing for about a year and a half when I started thinking about it, and got it about a month after
i was like a one and a half year hehe i bought me a B.C.Rich Son of beast guitar<33 used my own money i used a Strat first too
I just bought my second one a month or two ago and I've been playing over 5 and a half years.
ive been playing 5 years, i can sweep pick and can riif good, play clean and blues stuff.
Still have an ibanez gax 30. It sucks balls. I really need a new one

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when you're good enough to tell the difference in feel and sound between a good guitar and a crap one, and good enough that it will make a difference to how your playing sounds.

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about 2 and a half years, but it was a free gift. It was more like 3 and a half till I bought my second.
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about a year and a half
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Alright thanks for the just curious to see how i am compared to everyone else. Another question. When you got your second guitar, how "good" were you skill-wise?
Few years, can't remember how long though (I'm not old, I just suck ass at keeping time) before I bought my own guitar, which happens to be my JEM.

Nothing better than the satisfaction of buying your own guitar, this way no one complains that they bought it for you...I swear my dad must have been in the fricking mafia with all the make-up I had to do back when he bought me my old Strat.
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Well I got my guitar, then 3 years later I was OK and finally started getting lessons. After a little over a year of lessons I got my second guitar. So technically I got my second 4 years later, but it was about 2 years later considering how much I played.

Really once you get to a point where you're getting pretty good then you can "graduate" up from the beginner guitar.

edit: When I got the second one I was good enough to play Stairway To Heaven and it sounded pretty good. Nothing amazing, but it takes some skill to play.
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I had a starcaster too, then bought a bc rich warlock, about year and a half later, then realised that it wasn't a big improve (yeah but it was an improve anyways) and now (about 1 year later ) I'm planning to assamble my own it makes that a real improvement...
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4 years, but my first electric is a beautiful guitar. My first guitar was a '92 MIJ Squier Hank Marvin signiture Stratocaster. The neck profile is beautiful, and completely unique. I've been looking to find a few more of them actually.

My second electric was an Ibanez JEM7VWH, which I bought when I was 16. I think I got my MIA Standard Strat when I was 18.
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6 or 7 months, but I had played acoustic for a while before that so it wasn't like a was new to guitars.
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7 months, and I bought both of them myself.
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I was playing acoustic for 4 years, then I got an electric and have been playing that for the last two years. I get my second electric guitar next month. So six years for me.
I'm planning on getting my second one soon. Got the first close to a year ago
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August will be three years for me (but i was only seriously playing for 2 XD), Im considering a new guitar, but I don't have the money ATM

But I know i'll be able to gather the money, and most likely I'll get it summer 2010 (which will be 4 years playing)
bout after 6 months ?
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I've had my Yamaha pacifica for about 2 years and 2 months now
I don't progress fast, I must say, but I'm pretty sure im experienced enough about guitars to have my second one right away
I'm actually planing to buy it for about 2 months, my options narrowed to a BC Rich Outlaw PX3 or a Shecter Omen 6 Extreme (both 400 dlls), but I don't have any money right now, and won't in a pretty long time,
Soo, I think I'll buy my second guitar 2 years 10 months from my first one (where I live, spending 400 dlls on a guitar is a big price, so yes, a lot of time)
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Well after about 8 months i got my second one in a trade if that counts. I dont think i was really good enough at the time for a second one but couldnt pass it up. For my next one i actually buy im thinking some kind of strat.
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About a year. Got a Squier Strat from my folks when I was 17, and a year later bought myself an American Deluxe Strat. I wasn't very good at the time but I could definitely feel the difference in quality.
played for about... a year i guess. then my dad bought me an ibanez RG320.
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I've been playing for 2 and a half years and I haven't bought my second guitar yet.
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3 something months, because I had an acoustic and that didn't work out that well for everything I played. I still play it though.
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If your current guitar is a POS, get a new one. Thats what i did. Mine was hard to play. so i got one that works.
well first i satrted of with an acoustic for like 8months............then i got my first eletric (Godin Detour).......which is a wonderful guitar....not the best guitar but great for its price....
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