I just need suggestions for what to use to clean my guitar occasionally to keep it in exceptional condition. What would I use to clean the body, fret board, and bridge?
Dr. Ducks Axwax

Its a great polish, and very healthy for the wood on your fretboard and finish.

6.99 a bottle, and it will last you about a year and a half. A dab will do ya.

Do some research on it.
i also use the dunlop 65 for the body.. but it depends on what kind of guitar you got, electric, acoustic etc... what i also do is cleaning the frets evers time i change strings, i use a dunlop fret conditioner whateveryoucallit, dunno what other possibilities there are. and if you have sweaty hands you should wipe the guitar neck and fretboard with a cloth after playing
just a quick question,

I've been using steel-wool to clear the grease off the fretboard on my acoustic Steel string guitar, I find that the steel wool gets rid of the grease very well, and doesnt seem to be marking the wood at all, will this damage my guitar?
Fender guitar care kit.
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Windex, I can't help it, I'm homeless.

In all seriousness, those Dunlop thingamaliquids are good, I use one myself. I'm not really sure what everyday polish you'd normally use on household appliances would work on a guitar, guaranteed someone will mention one though.
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both good products listed above, i use lemon oil on fretboards(rosewood and ebony) never use it on maple.

on plated hardware i use a dry cloth and elbow grease( a bit hard to find these days but relatively cheap) and for nooks and crannies a dry cotton swab.