Where does it say that cab's oversized?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
It doesn't say over sized and it is half a centimeter larger than the marshall...
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not

My Recto 4x12 is quite a bit bigger than my Marshall 1960 was, and it's ginormous compared to my Framus 4x12.

Mainly, they're referring to it as an "Oversized" cab as compared to the Stiletto series of cabs, which used to be the non-OS Recto cabs.
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it says are larger than most other 4x12 cabinets...

it NEVER stated they were the BIGGEST MothaFukin cabs out there.

and why would it matter anyway?
i wouldnt see any gimmick EVEN if they were saying they are oversized.
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They are pretty big. My Orange cab is pretty small compared to them.
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You want oversized get a Krank cab.. I could fit my old marshall cab in it and still have room for 2 6 packs.. Thing is freakishly huge. And that said I love it enough low end to take that b!tch DB Drag sound off lol
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Who cares as long as it sounds good. I guarantee you the Boogie cab will sound better than the new Marshall cabs.
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There's a couple of inches difference in each direction between it and the Stiletto cab. that's why they call it the Recto Standard cab now instead of Oversized. Recto Standard used to be what they called the cabs that are now the Stilettos.
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The Mesa Stilletto cabs used to be called "Rectifier Traditional size" They are 30' tall.
The Mesa Rectifier oversized cabs are now called "Rectifier Standard size" They are 32' tall.

Typically all 4x12s are 30' tall (Marshall 1960, H&K, Mesa Trad, Carvin Legacy, Avatar, Engl, Laney, Peavey, Randall etc) and oversized cabs are 32' tall (Mesa, Mode Four, Bogner, Krank, Randal XXL, Mills, etc)
Orange cabs are actually slightly smaller than most other cabs.
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