Shiiiit thats good, production is really good!

EDIT: only 'criticism' is that i think the wah at the beginning kinda sounds like the autotune effect some hip hop artists use.
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I just started listening and it's already possibly the best recording I've heard on this site...good job.
Good dubbing with the drums and as a HUGE Hendrix fan I would say its an awesome tribute to him.
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that was the bee's knees. you took Jimi's classic hit and gave it a modern spin. 5 ****ing stars.
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Very cool! I loved it you really but a great modern twist on the song while keeping true to the feel of the original version. Your production and sound quality were killer and I loved your guitar solo. I know you didnt say you would do C4C but as a fellow Hendrix fan I was wondering if you wouldnt mind critting my cover for Bold as Love that is https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20624261#post20624261posted here.
Hey man that's wicked. It was modern but you didn't ruin the song, you did a good job man! Nice playing.
absolutely awesome.
im not into metal and i hate it when people try copying hendrix.
but you made a really nice rendition of it.
oh yeah, i didnt like the intro too much... id like a clearer sound for it.
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holy ****! that was amazing!
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