I play in a metalcore band that is very death metal influenced. we have our first show this sunday. and i just wanted to see if this was a good order for the setlist.

Clean intro 30 seconds.
Metalcore song outro breakdown
Diminished fast pace song ends in breakdown,
4 Minute jazzy btbam like interlude.
Metalcore song, very august burns red.
and adtr cover of a shot in the dark.

any advice?

its about 25 minutes long.
I haven't actually heard any of these songs, but I'd suggest not closing with a cover
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Too many break downs for my taste. And you're really only playing 4 songs + interludes. Not much of a set list, Try throwing some more songs in there, And +1 to not ending with a cover
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i dont know much about setlist but i dont think its a good idea to end with a cover if everything else is original material. id put it much earlier
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