They're not made any more and their pretty rare, but hopefully some of you know the amp I'm talking about. I found one on Craigslist for $600 and wondering whether or not I should buy it. I'm looking for a smaller amp from 5-20 watts to put in my dorm room next year. I play a lot of rock instrumental kind of stuff (your standard Joe Satraini, Steve Vai kinda thing), and I'm a big fan of the tones of Andy Timmons and Shawn Lane. I'll be using an Analogman King of Tone for all of my overdrive and distortion tones, so I basically only need a super-clean tone. Other amp recommendations are always welcome, I don't mind buying used and my budget is $600. Thanks!

The problem with posting on the Reverend forum is that they all love Reverend amps, no one who had a bad experience with one of their amps would become a member of that forum and just bash every thread. I want to hear both possible sides so I asked here. Thanks for the link though, there's some helpful info there.