One's a rising soccer star. The other's a self-described jealous boyfriend. One had no physical evidence linking him to a rape. The other had matched DNA and teeth marks. One's black. The other's white. One was convicted. The other was never a suspect.

here's his story:

go to this link and select digg on the left.

The Story of Prisoner F95488

discuss it here and please digg it. Digging it will help give it media attention and possibly free the imprisoned eric.
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Yeah, I read this in ESPN the Magazine. Pretty bull****, and I think the real one to blame is the girl herself. From what I remember, she's a stupid ditz.

her blood alcohol levels were nearly lethal levels and she cant remember partsof her night.
You watch sxephil too?
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[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']You, sir, win epically.
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You watch sxephil too?

I dugg it a while ago. Some parts of this world are going backwards i tells ya
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You watch sxephil too?

yeah thought id bring it to ug and see what happens.
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