Ok Im confused, I was looking at this gigantic chord chart online and it had a list of what chords belonged with what keys. The other day I checked here on UG and there was a response that threw me off a bit.

Here's the chord chart, see the last page where the appropriate chords go with a certain key
Chord Chart

Here's the response I found a while back

See? the chords are a bit different, what am I missing here?
in the forum response, they are just outlining the root note for you, not the tonal quality. They are also giving you the relative minor of each key.

the pdf file is giving you the quality and root note of each chord. This helps you much more because while E may be in C Major. E7 isn't.

I hope that clears it up a little. I would pay more attention to the PDF file.

EDIT: just realised the post doesn't really talk about chords at all. Rather what notes you can use. This makes more sense
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who says you can only use those notes/chords?

they are just the primary notes/chords in the key. Of course you can use other notes or chords if you know how to do it without sounding out of key.
okydoky then, I was leaning more toward the pdf file anyway, I was checking on other sites and yeah it makes a bit more sense now... thanks guys
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who says you can only use those notes/chords?

No one. He's asking for diatonic chords, so the appropriate response is to explain that, not to tell him to play anything he wants, as that doesn't help.